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We often find people have the same questions about Future Grid, so here are our answers.

We support the cloud. However delivering a live grid network model with smart meter data is a complex problem. We solve this out of the box as a ready to go product. Data Engineering provides the context, you can then use that data through any tools in the cloud that are required.

Existing IT and OT systems are designed to manage the HV/MV segments of the distribution network.  COMPASS manages the LV or secondary Network assets.  COMPASS will integrate from existing OT systems and create visibility of secondary network health and performance to manage EVs and DER integration.

COMPASS is a live operational secondary network platform.  It represents the current health, state and status of the secondary or LV network and tracks changes in secondary network configurations so root-cause analysis can be determined e.g. why had load increased on this feeder unexpectedly.

COMPASS compliments ADMS and DERMS and today integrates to major OT solutions including ADMS and is used by customers to automate secondary or LV decisions e.g. Voltage Control.  COMPASS also integrates to DERMS to automatically inform DERMS of network constraints to drive DER centric actions e.g. export limits. 

COMPASS is will  integrate to  any common database or data source.  This ensures integration is fast and low impact while the Utility will be able to retain existing database systems for existing or ad-hoc queries and network investigations.

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